Manicure at home Barcelona

We are OrgasmicWomen !!!!

The Orgasmi concept was born from the pleasure...

The pleasure of being able to feel great without leaving home.

Because we deserve it, period.

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Manicure at home Barcelona


We are Orgasmi

At Orgasmi we connect professional manicurists and clients who want to have a manicure without leaving home.

If we can have everything delivered, why not a manicure?

team manicurists Barcelona

Sara Beltran

Sara Beltran

Team Manager & Founder

Stylist and beauty expert. More than 18 years of experience in the sector.


Neus Figueres

neus figueres

Ceo & Founder

Passion for making life easier for women. Expert in Marketing and Customer Experience.


We come to your home or hotel

Our Mission 😉

Our mission is that you can enjoy your much needed monthly manicure or pedicure without having to worry about going to the salon, not being late, smelling the chemicals of the beauty salons...buf.

Come on relax on your couch, we'll be back in a little while 😉