Massages at home Barcelona

For all massage services we will bring a massage table for the realization of the massage. You can add more time or more massages from the extras of each service.

Home massages designed to improve your wellbeing

Therapeutic massages

massage at home barcelona
Classic massage (60min)
Known as Swedish massage, it stimulates the blood flow nourishing the whole body, achieving physical and mental balance.
descontracturante massage- massages at home barcelona
Relaxing massage with aromatic oils (60min)
In addition to stress relief and relaxing effects, it stimulates blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body.
descontracturante massage
Decontracting massage (60min)
Relieves ailments such as contractures and tension due to overexertion or bad posture, lumbago, torticollis and other muscular pains.
massage at home barcelona
Neurosedative massage (60min) 
Great relaxing effect on the nervous system in general, through lavender aromas and delicate movements.
sports massage - home massage barcelona
Sports / fitness massage (60min)
Back and legs. It is used to increase endurance, improve general condition, prevent injuries.
descontracturante massage
Detox massage (60min)
Massage composed of wood therapy to break up excess cellulite and lymphatic drainage to redirect excess fluids.
reflexology (foot massage) - massages at home barcelona
Reflexology (60min)
Foot reflexology is a massage technique that is applied to certain areas of the feet that correspond to other parts of the body.
creaneal massage - massages at home barcelona
Cranial massage (60min)
Cranial massage is applied to the skull, face, neck and shoulders and is especially aimed at reducing tension in these areas and eliminating pain.
Home massages designed to improve your physical health

Aesthetic massages

lymphatic massage
Lymphatic massage (60min)
To promote the elimination of waste substances that accumulate in the fluid that occupies the space between the cells.
firming massage barcelona - massages at home barcelona
Firming massage (60min)
eliminates flaccidity and excess lymph in the body, thanks to the wood therapy we manage to reduce swelling of both belly and legs.
cellulite massage at home
Anti-cellulite massage (60min)
Eliminates excess water and toxins from fat cells and subcutaneous fat. Minimum 5 sessions are recommended.
Massages at home Barcelona

Pregnancy massage service

Pregnancy massages are adapted to the anatomical changes you experience during pregnancy.

Massages during pregnancy are generally considered safe after the first trimester, as long as you get your doctor's approval and inform your massage therapist that you are pregnant.

Performing a massage tailored to each pregnant woman, mixing lymphatic massage, relaxing and descontracturante. The masseur will see according to each body what you need most for optimal results. 

Selection of qualified professional masseurs

Professional masseurs

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massage for pregnant women
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